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Poly top coats are hands down more durable and offer the ultimate protection for your painted furniture. A lip mask, on the other hand, is designed to help your lips “when they feel particularly dry” due to “more occlusive ingredients” and “actives that are more concentrated for specific benefits like exfoliating or antiaging,” according to Chiu. If you feel strong resistance when you’re pulling up, let it cool for a few more seconds before trying again. When its accomplished, stained cement looks just a little like marble, but more dappled and less uniform. There are instances when I don’t think a top coat is necessary, and I’ll share those in a little bit, but Most furniture that you’ve painted with chalk paint will benefit from a top coat. Although there are other sealing options, Polycrylic, Polyurethane and Furniture Wax are the most frequently used by most DIYer’s. I also use her “white” colored wax on my kitchen table – which gives the unstained wood a whitewashed look.

Antique wood trays red wax seal - Antiques Board Now that we know why the majority of chalk painted furniture needs the protection of a topcoat, let’s take a look at the products to use. I have found several affordable products that can be used to protect your chalk painted furniture by enhancing it and helping it to look its best! I am not a fan of sealers called clear coats, tough coats, wipe-on poly, soft varnish, or cream wax products. Thorough cleaning is needed since any dirt, fat, color, wax or even curing agent can keep the stain from responding and penetrating as it should. A quick tip to make waxing even easier – using blue painter’s tape, take a few minutes to tape off emblems and bodyline gaps. What I learned too late was that they don’t recommend using the wipe-on poly over medium to dark paint colors due to water vapor being trapped which could cause streaking.

For 98% of my painted furniture makeovers, I like the smooth clear finish soft/paste wax gives a painted finish, but I don’t use it for everything. We also suggest using the same color with 1 glue gun as it is costly for you to change from one wax color to another using the same glue gun. Our sealing waxes are easy to use and do not require you to lubricate the seal when using. Here are some advices on the most common problems with using a wax seal. Furniture Wax gives a very soft silky finish to your piece. Available in both a clear and a dark wax, this is the product I used on every single piece when I first started painting furniture. My grandma, who no longer takes the time to can, volunteered two cases of her jars to get me started and now I can’t be stopped. You can’t go wrong applying it when you use a quality brush and/or a foam flocked roller with rounded ends. If I can’t get it right after making over dozens of pieces of furniture, then someone newer to the furniture makeover process may really find it challenging. As long as you’re putting in the proper care and maintenance and making sure the furniture is sealed before extreme weather hits, leaving patio furniture outside in the winter shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Although a seal can be made directly in place, we highly recommend, especially when you are making a lot of seals, that you make them first on a cookie sheet, aluminum foil or wax paper. When you use wax – the fix will blend right in. Wax can give a beautiful finish to painted furniture, but it is not permanent and will need to be reapplied often. You can use a spoon, a glue pot, or a heating tool to re-melt the scrap wax. Unsatisfactory seals or scrap wax can be re-melted, over and over again until you do get a perfect seal. Inkt wax sticks are made of flexible wax with a built-in wick for great results with maximum convenience and simplicity. The feeling of that plastic swab massaging your nasal passages, the righteous patter of typing in your kit’s activation code, the suspense that lingers in the split second before your results load: will it be that sweet, sweet negative green? Aside from protection, a top coat will further enhance the color of your chalk painted furniture. Given all this, it makes sense that the community needed a “minimal level of social complexity and some knowledge of how to administer these goods.” Meaning: what belonged to whom, how much they could afford to eat, and how much they needed to set aside for the next season’s cultivation.